The Carpenters Housing Corporation owns and manages 231 residential units in Sonoma County.  For over fourteen years we have been advised and represented by Ms. Linda Ryan, Esq.

She has provided us advice on matters of property acquisition, HUD and state regulatory compliance, Fair Housing, tenant documentation and other complex legal issues involved in owning and managing rental property.

She has also represented us in eviction court on many cases.  We have never lost a case during her tenure with the corporation.

Her advice and representation has always been well reasoned, timely and accurate. Her fees are reasonable and her work product excellent.

Owning and managing rental property is a minefield of potential problems, whether one unit or hundreds are under consideration.  Without good legal representation, the landlord is asking for trouble. 

Attorneys don’t get any better than Linda Ryan.

- John Hadzess - Carpenters Housing Corporation