Practice Areas

Linda A. Ryan is an experienced civil litigator offering consultation and representation in the following areas:

  • Elder Abuse

    Elder abuse can be physical or financial.  We are focused on helping vulnerable adults.  We will analyze the situation and determine the best course of action to protect the elder either through the court system or other agencies.

  • Trust and Probate Litigation

    We found that while most people have a Trust or Will, their Trustees and Executors do not understand the legal duties required by law when they pass away. Often family members have been named as Trustees and Executors.

  • Trust Administration and Probate

    We explain legal duties required by law in language that is understandable.  We can assist you in administering a Trust or handle Trust administration and probate for you.

  • Landlord – Tenant Law


    Evictions are complicated and move fast in terms of litigation. You need an attorney who is experienced in trial work and knowledgeable about landlord­-tenant law.

    We have 18 years experience in civil litigation, trials and landlord­-tenant law.  As an experienced litigator and past president of North Coast Rental Housing Association (2011-­2014), Ms. Ryan evaluates each case in order to advise landlords and move quickly through the court system.

    Habitability / Mold

    Habitability and mold cases are expensive and time consuming for landlords.  We advise landlords before and after the problems arise and are experienced in assisting landlords through the remediation/cleanup process.

    We are also experienced in defending landlords who have been sued by their tenants for mold and other habitability claims.

    Fair Housing

    Fair Housing laws can be violated by landlords unintentionally.  An investigation can start without the landlord being aware a tenant or applicant has made a complaint.

    We are experienced in defending landlords accused of violating Fair Housing laws.  We can respond rapidly to Fair Housing complaints and can explain the law and your options to you.